Working Group on the Astrographic Catalogue 

and Carte du Ciel Plates

IAU Commission 8 

last update: 08/11/2006 

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Since IAU GA 2006, this WG has been absorbed by the task force on "Preservation and Digitization of Photographic Plates (PDPP)" chair Elizabeth Griffin


Nuns at work measuring the Vatican plate collection (1910-1921)

This Working Group was established by the IAU Commissions 8 and(former) 24 in 1994 to evaluate the present state of the 100-year old photographic plates of the Astrographic Catalogue (AC) and Carte du Ciel (CdC) programmes, in order to prove the necessity of the measurement orre-measurement of the plates and to work out recommendations on the scientific use of one-century old stellar positions and apparent magnitudes in consideration of the overall plate quality. It has been re-appointed since then ateach IAU General Assembly meeting.

Contact print of a Carte du Ciel plate of the Vatican zone (Torino Osbervatory)